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Rheinmetall proud to support Legacy this ANZAC Day

Rheinmetall proud to support Legacy this ANZAC Day

Legacy Brisbane is pleased to announce a partnership with Rheinmetall Defence Australia at a time when the charity’s fundraising activities have been severely impacted by COVID-19, bushfires and the prolonged drought.

The recent cancellation of ANZAC Day ceremonies, Legacy’s peak fundraising period, has compounded an already serious situation for the not-for-profit organisation which supports veteran’s families.

“Like many sectors, charities are doing it tough at the moment,” said Brendan Cox, Chief Executive Officer, Legacy Brisbane.

“Legacy supports 52,000 of Australia’s most vulnerable people – elderly widows, single parents, grieving children and people with disability. We are almost entirely funded through philanthropy. With ANZAC Day gatherings cancelled, Legacy Brisbane will struggle to fund the positive social services we provide.”

“This partnership with Rheinmetall is a critical step for Legacy Brisbane and rebuilding our funding as we continue to serve our families during times of hardship – as we have done since 1923.”

Rheinmetall has committed to minimum annual fundraising and sponsorship of $50,000 annually.

Rheinmetall Defence Australian Managing Director Gary Stewart said the company was proud to support Legacy Brisbane as it cared for the families of fallen or injured Australian Defence Force (ADF) veterans.

“Rheinmetall is committed to supporting Legacy Brisbane and the work that it does across Brisbane and regional Queensland,” Mr Stewart said.

“Rheinmetall will do more than remember this ANZAC Day and support Legacy as they continue to serve the families at a time when many feel vulnerable due to drought, bushfires and the current COVID-19 pandemic.”

We look forward to becoming part of the Legacy family of committed staff, volunteers, partners and supporters.”

You can see the original document at the following link: Legacy Brisbane RDA Partnership Media Release 20 April2020