Boxer 8x8 CRV
Move. Sense. Strike

BOXER 8x8 Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle (CRV)

Fight. Survive. Win.

Rheinmetall Defence Australia is delivering the BOXER 8x8 Combat Reconaissance Vehicle (CRV) for the Commonwealth of Australia's LAND 400 Phase 2 - Mounted Combat Reconnaissance Capability.

The Australian Defence Force requires 211 BOXER 8x8 CRVs. Deliveries commenced in September 2019 and final operating capability is planned for 2026-2027.

Rheinmetall is working with a growing network of Australian small and medium sized enterprises to establish an Australian military vehicle industry that will develop, build and sustain this new Australian capability.

The BOXER will enable the Australian Army to locate, monitor and engage with enemy forces and ensure Australian soldiers are protected in combat. The vehicles will fill seven different roles on the battlefield: reconnaissance, command and control, joint fires, surveillance, multi-purpose, battlefield repair and recovery. The reconnaissance variant – accounting for 133 of the 211 vehicles – is equipped with Rheinmetall’s cutting-edge LANCE turret system and armed with a 30mm automatic cannon.

The combat proven BOXER is the world’s most survivable and lethal Mounted Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle. It is in service with armed forces in Germany, the Netherlands, and Lithuania.

Rheinmetall Defence

Force protection is our mission

Rheinmetall AG, publicly listed and based in Düsseldorf, Germany, is a market leader in the areas of environmentally friendly mobility and threat-appropriate security technology. The group’s Defence sector is the foremost supplier of defence and security technology and a longstanding partner of armed forces around the world. Rheinmetall Defence products set the global standard for excellence in a wide array of disciplines: from vehicle, force protection and weapon systems to infantry equipment and air defence, and from network-enabled warfare capabilities to electro-optics and simulation technology.

Providing friendly forces with the best-possible protection - that is our mission.

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